Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is an Oceandra Yacht Adventure?

An Oceandra Yacht Adventure is an exclusive vacation organized by Oceandra that brings groups of people together for sailing trips in locations around the world. 

2) What are the stops on each yacht adventure?


Each Catalina trip chartered by Oceandra follows this general schedule:

Morning, First Day of Trip: Depart from a home harbor in the Los Angeles area (usually Marina Del Rey or Long Beach)

Afternoon, First Day of Trip: Arrive at Two Harbors or Avalon on Catalina Island

Afternoon, Last day of Trip: Depart from Two Harbors or Avalon on Catalina Island

Evening, Last Day of Trip: Arrive at the home harbor


Please contact us for more information.

3) What activities does Catalina Island have to offer?

Catalina has an amazing variety of water and land adventures to experience. Check out visitcatalinaisland.com for more information.

2) What is the minimum age to join an Oceandra yacht trip?

All guests must be 21 years of age or older , unless otherwise specified.

3) What amenities are on each yacht?

Each yacht comes with the following:

–Full head (bathroom)


–Gas Stove


–GPS system

–Stereo system with speakers

Some yachts may include additional amenities.

4) Is food included?


Food for breakfast and and lunch are included.


Food for Breakfast, Lunch  and half of your dinners are included.

5) What about drinks?

Non alcoholic drinks are provided, including water and juice.

6) What should I bring on the trip?



7) Who is skippering each yacht?

Each yacht is helmed by an experienced skipper approved by Oceandra. All skippers undergo an individual vetting process by Oceandra and a third party before being approved for our events.

8) What’s your booking cancellation policy?


If a guest chooses to cancel a booking more than 30 days before the trip is scheduled to begin, Oceandra will provide the guest with a full credit that can be redeemed on a future trip. If the guest is able to find a replacement before the trip begins, the guest may receive a partial or full refund.

If a guest chooses to cancel a booking less than 30 days before the trip is scheduled to begin, and the guest is able to find a replacement before the trip begins, the guest may receive a partial or full credit that can be redeemed on a future trip. No refunds will be provided for cancellations less than 30 days before the trip is scheduled to begin.


In the rare case that Oceandra cancels a booking before the trip date, the guest who made the booking will receive a full refund.

10) What is the Oceandra Yacht Club?

The Oceandra Yacht Club is a group of sailing enthusiasts who get exclusive access to the best adventure opportunities that Oceandra has to offer. Club members receive special discounts, early access to booking, and invitations to members-only parties.

Membership is limited to previous Oceandra guests. If you have been a guest on a past Oceandra yacht trip and would like to join the club, please contact us.