Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you read this document in full before booking. Particularly important sections are underlined; however, it is important that you read the entire document.

1) By making a cabin booking through Oceandra, you confirm that you have the authority to act on behalf of any guests who are sharing your cabin, and that these guest are aware and in agreement with these terms and conditions.

2) Pictures of yachts are intended only to give a general idea of the type of yacht you are chartering. Sometimes there are slight differences between the yacht shown in a picture on the website and the yacht you are given by the charter company. Oceandra cannot guarantee that your yacht will be exactly the same as the one shown in the picture on our website. However, Oceandra takes misrepresentation very seriously. If you believe that a picture on Oceandra.com is misleading, please inform us as soon as possible so that steps can be taken to fix the situation.



If a guest chooses to cancel a booking more than 30 days before the trip is scheduled to begin, Oceandra will provide the guest with a full credit that can be redeemed on a future trip. If the guest is able to find a replacement before the trip begins, the guest may receive a partial or full refund.

If a guest chooses to cancel a booking less than 30 days before the trip is scheduled to begin, and the guest is able to find a replacement before the trip begins, the guest may receive a partial or full credit that can be redeemed on a future trip. No refunds will be provided for cancellations less than 30 days before the trip is scheduled to begin.

If a guest would like to change any aspect of your booking, the guest must inform Oceandra as soon as is reasonably possible. There may be additional costs involved in changing a booking and these costs may increase closer to the date of the booking. The guest will be responsible for the additional costs we incur in catering to the changes. Please note that Oceandra may not be able to cater to all changes that the guest might wish to make. All changes will be subject to availability.



In the rare case that Oceandra cancels a booking before the trip date, the guest who made the booking will receive a full refund of all refundable sums.

If major changes to your booking are needed, you will be notified as soon as is reasonably possible so that you can decide what to do. If you choose to, in this situation you will be able to cancel the booking with a refund of all refundable sums you have paid. Alternatively, you can choose to accept the changes or make an entirely new booking. You must inform Oceandra of your decision within three days of being informed of the changes being made to your booking.


5) If, while on the trip, your behavior poses a danger to you or those around you, causes or is likely to cause damage to people or property, breaches any local law, or causes a public nuisance, Oceandra will have the right to cancel your booking without paying you any refund. This means (among other things) that your skipper could refuse to continue to work and that you could be made to leave a yacht you have booked mid-way through the trip.


6) Oceandra may collect still and video images of you during the course of your holiday for advertising and promotional purposes. By booking through Oceandra you agree that such images may be collected and used by Oceandra however Oceandra sees fit, including commercial use and sale of the images. The images may be cropped, altered, combined or otherwise edited. You also agree that Oceandra will retain ownership of all rights in connection with such images.

7) If you do not wish to be on camera/ video then bring this to the attention of Oceandra by sending an email to support@oceandra.com before the commencement of your trip. This should include the name and contact details of the person who does not wish to be photographed or videoed along with your order number and contact details.


8) If you are unhappy with the performance of any element of a booking made through Oceandra, you must address your complaints to your skipper at the earliest possible opportunity. We will then attempt to find an appropriate solution. Please allow us a reasonable opportunity to rectify the problems you are experiencing. Many complaints can be rectified on the spot or will be referred to proper authorities.


9) It is important that you tell us about any special needs/ requirements so that suitable arrangements can be made. Oceandra cannot be held responsible if you fail to tell as about special needs/ requirements that may impact upon your trip. As such, we will not compensate you in these circumstances. If you need support or advice prior to booking, please contact us prior to booking.

10) If you have a medical condition, mobility problem or a disability which may affect your holiday, we may require a doctor’s certificate or other documentation relating to such condition, problem or disability. Please provide us with full details of any such condition, problem or disability in writing at the time of booking.


11) Making a booking through the Oceandra website signifies your acceptance of the terms of the Oceandra general waiver. This is available to view here.